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Why Peeing In the Pool Is a Bad Idea

This topic grosses out some people but does not bother others. The debate surprisingly is still going on due to the fact that not everyone believes there is anything wrong with peeing in the pool. This includes mostly children, but adults as well! In fact, some Olympic swimmers have even come out to admit that…
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Vasectomy Care Package Ideas

A vasectomy is one of the most common types of elective surgery for men. Even though most vasectomies are considered a one-day surgery, that doesn’t make the operation any more pleasant. A vasectomy is noninvasive, quick, and severs the vas deferens. The procedure internally cuts off the line that would normally produce active swimmers in…
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Zero Prostate Cancer Run Walk Omaha 2022

The Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk Omaha 2022 is one of the largest charity events to benefit prostate cancer research and treatment in the world. Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer that affects males. Statistics show that as many as two in every three men will be affected by prostate cancer…
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Is Hovering Over a Toilet Seat a Good Idea?

Ladies know all too well about a method called the hovering-over-the-toilet-seat technique. We call it a technique because it takes more practice than most men might think! Training begins at an early age as mothers teach their daughters to hover. Many people use this technique when visiting public places such as a shopping mall, or…
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What Is Key-In-Lock (Urinary Urge) Syndrome?

It happens when we get home, when we arrive at work or when we arrive at the mall. We can’t help but have an overwhelming need to go to the bathroom. When we say overwhelming, it is both immediate and critical. Part of this all-consuming need is a fear that we won’t make it to…
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