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Thanksgiving Nutrition: Ways to Limit Salt?

Be the salt of the earth this Thanksgiving and cook with less of it. Salt does have a vital role to play, as it helps to unlock the goodness in food proteins. Furthermore, salt aids microbial modulation in fermented products and regulates enzymatic activity. However, pretty much all foods already naturally contain salt (and sugar).…
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Travel Tips: Overactive Bladder (OAB)

An overactive bladder triggers a frequent feeling that you need to urinate, even if your bladder is empty. Overactive bladder (OAB) is a common urinary condition. Traveling with an overactive bladder can be quite daunting and challenging. It may even seem impossible, especially when considering making long trips or going overseas. However, you can treat…
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Slow Urination and Weak Flow in Men

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you have to go to the bathroom and pulling up a toilet or urinal, only to find that your urine is weaker than usual or it takes longer than it usually does to enter your bladder. When slow urination takes place, what gives? (more…)
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September: Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month? In designating a whole month for prostate cancer, we can increase awareness throughout our communities for the purpose of education. With knowledge comes power, and with power comes responsibility. The more we become educated in fighting a disease, the more we can reduce the number…
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Dehydration Effects On Your Body

To put it simply, when the amount of water you’re losing exceeds the amount that you’re taking in, dehydration may occur. If you don’t replace these lost fluids, your body will be unable to perform its normal functions. With the summer heat in full force throughout the states, it’s more important than ever to keep…
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