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What Is Key-In-Lock (Urinary Urge) Syndrome?

It happens when we get home, when we arrive at work or when we arrive at the mall. We can’t help but have an overwhelming need to go to the bathroom. When we say overwhelming, it is both immediate and critical. Part of this all-consuming need is a fear that we won’t make it to…
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Low Sodium Recipes for Kidney Healthy Meals

For most people, the higher the sodium intake, the higher their blood pressure will be. High sodium intake can lead to health issues such as congestive heart failure, chronic kidney disease (CKD), cardiovascular disease, and hypertension. Therefore, it is important to limit sodium intake with the food and meals you eat. Understand you do not…
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Vasectomy Recovery: Why March Is a Popular Time?

A vasectomy is a male equivalent of having one’s tubes tied and is a 99 percent successful method of contraception. The vasectomy procedure takes around 30 minutes and requires a couple of days rest while the swelling goes down and things return to normal. Patients should refrain from having intercourse for a few days and…
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What is Cold Diuresis?

Do you ever notice an increase in urinary urgency or a need to go to the bathroom more if you are out in cold weather? If you know that feeling of needing to pee urgently, all the time, you are bound to agree, it's annoying. Cold diuresis is your body's way of preserving heat as…
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Alcohol and Your Bladder Health

There’s nothing better than kicking back and relaxing with an ice-cold beer or a glass of wine after a long day at work or while celebrating a special event with friends. Like many adults, you probably enjoy an adult beverage from time to time. As long as you’re responsible, partaking in alcoholic beverages really shouldn’t…
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