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Myth vs. Fact: Urinary Tract Infection

Around 40% of women in America experience a urinary tract infection (UTI) at some stage in their life. Approximately one out of every ten post-menopausal women experienced a UTI in 2023. If you’re dealing with the condition, know it's common and not alone. There are plenty of myths surrounding UTIs, and this post intends to…
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Can Kidney Problems Cause Heart Problems?

It's common knowledge in the medical community that kidney problems and heart problems often go hand-in-hand. These organs work closely together to optimize your physiological systems. When something goes wrong with one, it can adversely affect the other causing serious health problems. Can Kidney Problems Cause Heart Problems? The Link Between Kidney Problems and Heart…
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What Can Urine Smell Indicate?

Does your urine smell off? There could be several reasons for it giving off a different odor. Your diet, supplementation, hydration, and medication use can all impact the scent of your urine. However, some underlying health issues could also cause the problem. Let’s examine the different types of urine smell and what can urine smells…
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What are Permanent Forms of Birth Control?

Permanent forms of birth control, often considered a definitive solution in family planning, offer individuals an option to prevent pregnancy. With advancements in medical technology, several methods are available, each with its own set of considerations and implications. Understanding these permanent birth control options is crucial for individuals seeking a long-term contraceptive solution aligned with…
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How Do I Know What’s Wrong With My Bladder?

An often overlooked yet vital part of the human body is the bladder. It plays a significant role in maintaining your overall health and well-being. When something goes wrong with your bladder, it can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, and disrupt your daily life. More importantly, bladder issues can indicate underlying and potentially serious health concerns.…
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