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How Much Water Should I Drink A Day?

You may not know it but the human body is actually composed of about 60 percent water. Throughout the day, your body loses water mostly through urine, sweat, and excretion. You even lose a bit of water through breathing. All living things need water to survive. Humans can only survive about three days without water…
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Why is Urology Clinical Research so Important?

Clinical research is the authorization procedure to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of certain specific medical or health products or practices. A series of randomized, controlled clinical trials validate vital scientific and health questions. These studies form the basis of evidence-based medicine, which is based on the principles and standards of good clinical practice. Strict…
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March is National Kidney Month

Your kidneys are the chemical factory of your body. They are tasked with a wide range of critical functions. They help to filter waste, control blood pressure, and even support your red blood cells. With so many tasks to complete, it is important to always care for your kidneys to maintain your overall health. National…
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When Should You Schedule a Vasectomy?

The decision to have children is a big one and so is the decision to not have children. Perhaps you already have children and want to make sure that you do not have anymore. If you are looking for a good form of permanent birth control, the decision to schedule a vasectomy can be a…
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How To Fix A Weak Bladder

Everyone is taught from an early age how to hold their urine until they are able to reach a restroom. While most people are able to make it to the bathroom on time, some suffer from a weak bladder that prevents them from fully controlling their urges. The control of the bladder is mainly held…
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