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Slow Urination and Weak Flow in Men

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you have to go to the bathroom and pulling up a toilet or urinal, only to find that your urine is weaker than usual or it takes longer than it usually does to enter your bladder. When slow urination takes place, what gives? (more…)
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September: Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month? In designating a whole month for prostate cancer, we can increase awareness throughout our communities for the purpose of education. With knowledge comes power, and with power comes responsibility. The more we become educated in fighting a disease, the more we can reduce the number…
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What Are Men’s Health Issues?

Men's Health Issues - Contrary to common belief, men are also prone to several health issues. According to studies, the reason for this is lack of health awareness, unhealthy habits and lifestyle, food consumption, little to no knowledge about health, and financial constraints/fear. (more…)
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