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Bathroom Breaks & Your Health

A bathroom break is an activity where those in an organized gathering are given the opportunity to use the bathroom. You can usually see this being practiced in schools at recess or lunchtime. Teachers give permission for the students to use the bathroom for a certain amount of time. Bathroom breaks are deemed to be…
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How To Fix A Weak Bladder

Everyone is taught from an early age how to hold their urine until they are able to reach a restroom. While most people are able to make it to the bathroom on time, some suffer from a weak bladder that prevents them from fully controlling their urges. The control of the bladder is mainly held…
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Overactive Bladder Treatment Options

An overactive bladder is an often-chronic health condition that affects thousands of people every year. Sometimes it happens due to a consequence of other health conditions such as diabetes or inflammation of the spine. However, it could also happen due to other medical causes such as aging. Men and women of any age can be…
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