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Bathroom Breaks & Your Health

A bathroom break is an activity where those in an organized gathering are given the opportunity to use the bathroom. You can usually see this being practiced in schools at recess or lunchtime. Teachers give permission for the students to use the bathroom for a certain amount of time. Bathroom breaks are deemed to be…
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Why Am I Having Difficulty Urinating?

The proper function of the urinary system is essential to the body. Kidneys filter waste from the blood and remove them with urine. Consciously holding your urine can cause your bladder to atrophy, or bacteria to multiply in your urinary system. With this, a urinary tract infection may develop, spread to the kidneys, and scar,…
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How To Fix A Weak Bladder

Everyone is taught from an early age how to hold their urine until they are able to reach a restroom. While most people are able to make it to the bathroom on time, some suffer from a weak bladder that prevents them from fully controlling their urges. The control of the bladder is mainly held…
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