Dr. Amandeep Mahal

The practitioners at Adult and Pediatric Urology and Urogynecology have made it their mission to enhance their patients’ quality of life. Featuring nine partners, including Dr. Amandeep Mahal, the prestigious clinic treats all manner of urologic conditions in women and men. Serving the entire metro area, the practice includes pediatric providers that visit clinics throughout Omaha.

Dr. Amandeep Mahal Patients

A vast portion of Dr. Mahal’s patients are in their 30s and 40s and have bladder issues (such as leaking) when going about their daily activities. He also treats a lot of women going through menopause, which may cause problems like constipation and pain. Sometimes, symptoms that are caused by a hernia or prolapsed bladder can be treated with simple procedures that (sometimes) take less than 20 minutes. In fact, according to Dr. Mahal, national studies show that 11 percent of women will eventually undergo one of the procedures he offers.

Dr. Mahal Treatments

When treating new patients, Dr. Mahal makes a point of getting to know their lives before diving into a treatment regimen. He wants to sit down with each patient individually, especially the patient’s first time in the clinic, to truly understand the full picture. “Being a male gynecologist, you’re always hyper-aware,” he points out. “It’s an honor and a privilege to take care of women during a very vulnerable time, in very vulnerable positions. That’s always been my approach. The more they are comfortable discussing with me, the more I’ll know about their disease state and how I can help.”


One of his patients, Deb Hallstrom, was extremely impressed by his bedside manner as well as his expertise. She saw him in August of 2017. “The first time I went in, he spent an hour with me, gave me three options of what I could do, and told me about the new surgery they have,” Deb says. He made sure that she had the information she needed to decide which option was best for her. She chose the new procedure and had it done within two weeks. “He came that night to check on me, and he came the next morning. I saw him again after that and he was just a great doctor. Very personable.” Since then, she has given his name to many friends and family, as she has “nothing but good things to say about him.”

Dr. Amandeep Mahal Bio

Born in California, Dr. Mahal attended medical school at Creighton University, where he fell in love with the city of Omaha. After studying OB-GYN for four years at the University of Iowa, he completed a fellowship at Stanford, where he continued developing his craft. Now, he is innovating new ways of treating bladder and pelvic floor issues.

While Omaha is a hub for medical education, Dr. Mahal explains that most clinical trials in the city are conducted by smaller to medium-sized practices. “We’ve opened our own research center, in which five staff members and all of our doctors participate,” Dr. Mahal says. “We’re usually running anywhere between four and 12 clinical trials. We feel that it’s important to be on top of the new technologies that are coming out, which offer novel therapies for people.”

Popular Treatment

One popular treatment has been vaginal laser resurfacing. “Essentially,” Dr. Mahal explains, “it’s like skin resurfacing, when it becomes damaged by scar tissue or acne or aging. We do micro-pore incisions, making small incisions across the entire area, but it’s really lasers heating these areas.” Think of the tissue as a grassy field: When the dirt is packed tight, seeds can’t be planted and essential nutrients can’t be absorbed. The area needs aeration for normal nutrients and water to get in. “The same idea happens with the skin’s surface. It’s opening those areas, stimulating the growth of healthy skin tissues. The idea is to help with scar tissue, pain, or dryness in the vagina, especially after menopause. This is a great therapy for women who are breast cancer survivors, where estrogen therapy is not an option.”

Tools & Devices

Adult and Pediatric Urology and Urogynecology also use Axonics and  InterStim, devices that use a small wire attached to the nerves in the bladder to stop them from firing. Dr. Amandeep Mahal attests that stimulating the nerve every few seconds has been shown to help reset the bladder and alleviate the constant urge to urinate. While this minimally invasive procedure has been performed for over 25 years, Adult and Pediatric Urology and Urogynecology is one of the few clinics in Omaha to offer it.

Bladder Control

If you have issues with your bladder, Dr. Amandeep Mahal can offer a multitude of advanced therapies that are extremely effective. Contact Adult and Pediatric Urology and Urogynecology today for a consultation.

Adult Pediatric Urology in Omaha, NE

Urological Cancers are one of the most common forms of cancer and also one of the most curable types if detected early. The key to detecting and eradicating these forms of cancer are regular screenings. Learn more about the various types of urological cancer.

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Clinical Trials in Omaha

Our Clinical Research Department was developed to fulfill our mission to provide high-quality patient centered care. When existing treatments fail or significantly lower your quality of life we seek out new, safe methods that give you more options and make further advancements in the fields of urology and urogynecology.

This overactive bladder clinical research treatment taking place in Omaha is testing new treatment methods. They are being developed by pharmaceutical and bio-technical companies. By volunteering, you may receive new investigational treatments that may help us all understand your condition.

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