Erectile Dysfunction: Normal Aging, or Signs of Underlying Health Concerns?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a problem for many men. Over 30 million men each year seek treatment for this disorder. Previously this subject was never brought up by physicians and taboo to discuss in public.  Now we see daily advertisements for many drugs and supplements on TV, radio, and the internet.  While ED is more common in men over 75, as many as 40% of men less than 40 have some sexual dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Normal Aging?

Some men believe ED is expected, and a normal part of aging.  This is a common myth and is not necessarily ‘normal aging’.  The physiologic event of erections is a complex and multifactorial process.  There has to be stimulation of the senses, response in blood flow, and interactions of nerves (sympathetic, parasympathetic, and somatic).

Underlying Health Concerns?

Many medical conditions can cause ED.  It can be caused by anxiety, medications, and a long list of health problems. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • heart disease
  • vascular disease
  • neuropathy
  • depression just to name a few

Illnesses or Disease?

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, in many cases it may be the first sign of other underlying illnesses or disease processes.  You should make an appointment with your doctor to be examined and find the cause of ED.    Evaluation and treatment can lead to healthier lifestyle and management of prior unknown illnesses.

Early Death

ED has sometimes been dubbed as “Early Death”.  As men associated with ED have increased mortality due to the risk of underlying illness.  Treatment options vary widely depending on the cause.  Most of the time you need a thorough physical exam, review of medications, and possibly lab work.  It may be as easy as reassurance, or changes in diet and exercise.  However, it may require adjustments in medicines, trials of pharmacological agents, or even more advanced treatments.

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