Why Men should get a Vasectomy?

Most men cringe at the idea of sharp instruments surrounding their manhood.  As a urologist, I have a different perspective, and I am here to quell your fears while sharing some of the most important reasons why men should get a vasectomy.

Why Men should get a Vasectomy?


Vasectomy is the most effective and durable form of birth control.  There is less than a one percent chance of having a child following the procedure, with re-canalization (tubes growing back together) happening in less than 0.01% of the time.  Women undergoing tubal ligation (having their tubes tied) have a failure rate more than 10 times that of vasectomy.  Condom use is associated with at least a 3% pregnancy rate.   Birth control is even worse with pregnancy rates approaching 9% in some studies!


Men undergoing vasectomy have very low incidence of side effects.  The majority are minor swelling and temporary discomfort.  Compare this with operating inside a women’s pelvis to ties their tubes.  This comes with a much larger risk of complications from anesthetic, and a longer recovery period.  Oral birth control pills have significant long term risks as well.  There are major risks of bleeding disorders, hormone imbalances, and even risk of stroke to name a few.


Vasectomy is very economical compared to ongoing costs of medications, a surgery with general anesthetic, or the cost of raising more children.  Many insurance plans cover the cost of the procedure, and it takes a fraction of the time and effort compared to the above-mentioned alternatives.

Recovery Time

This is your opportunity to enjoy a little time for yourself.  Be able to have your favorite meals, and sit back on your couch wearing sweatpants and relax.  Binge watch TV, link up to your favorite online games, or coordinate with your favorite sporting events (Master’s golf, college basketball tournament.) to relax during your quick recovery.  Not to mention, to fulfill your post procedure test, you must ejaculate 20-30 times before your confirmation semen analysis.  Sounds like homework worth completing.

Sexual Function

Contrary to urban legend, there is no change in sexual function after the procedure. Ejaculation remains unchanged, there is no risk of poor erections, or decreased sensitivity afterwards.


 There is no risk for future cancers or health concerns in men who have the procedure performed.  There has been no link with vasectomy to prostate cancer, heart disease, or other medical disease.


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Vasectomy is a wonderful way for a man to take charge and be responsible in your relationship. While every relationship is different, vasectomy is a great option for most couples looking to prevent pregnancy. If you have any questions, you should call and make an appointment to discuss any issues with your local urologist.

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