Sexual Dysfunction

What is sexual dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction is a condition where normal intimacy and sexual responses including interest, arousal and orgasm become difficult for a person.  While this can be seen in men and women of any age, it is often brought on by a traumatic incident or injury, by chronic medical conditions including diabetes, or by changing hormonal balances in the body.

Women, especially around the age of menopause, will often come to clinical attention with symptoms of low interest in sex, new pain with sexual intercourse or vaginal dryness.

Other symptoms may include:

  • difficulty with sexual arousal or with orgasm
  • decreased sensation during sexual intimacy
  • emotional lability regarding sexual relations

What causes sexual dysfunction?

The cause of sexual dysfunction is multifactorial, meaning many factors may cause this change in intimacy.  Just as everyone experiences sex differently, the cause of sexual dysfunction is highly individualized.  This makes speaking with a doctor to help navigate potential causes on of the best first steps in understanding why or how things have changed.

What treatments are available for sexual dysfunction?

Treatments are varied based on the cause of the symptoms.  However here are some common treatments you may discuss with a physician:

  1. Hormonal replacement therapy- if symptoms have started around the time of menopause (roughly ages 45 -55), sometimes replacement or augmentation may improve symptoms
  2. Vaginal laser resurfacing – if hormonal therapy is not desired, often laser treatments may improve blood flow to the vagina, improve sexual response and vaginal dryness
  3. Counselling and biofeedback therapy -often times discussion with a health care professional can be the best medicine. This may be augmented by one-on-one treatment with a skilled practitioner to help isolate and relieve certain painful areas of the pelvis or identify pain triggers
  4. Topical agents – these may include items such as vaginal moisturizers, antifungal or infection treatments, and lubrication options. A medical professional can help you sort out the fact from the fiction regarding certain over the counter or online treatments
  5. Surgical correction -though less common, occasionally surgery to correct an anatomical defect may be beneficial for the treatment of sexual dysfunction

Where do I start my treatment?

 While online sources can help you gain knowledge about sexual dysfunction, this condition highly individualized.  One person’s experience, or solutions, may not be the best for you.  Trusted friends and support groups can often be a good resource, but perhaps your best option is to find a health care provider near you who specializes in these difficult and very personal conditions.

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