Vasectomy Care Package Ideas

A vasectomy is one of the most common types of elective surgery for men. Even though most vasectomies are considered a one-day surgery, that doesn’t make the operation any more pleasant. A vasectomy is noninvasive, quick, and severs the vas deferens. The procedure internally cuts off the line that would normally produce active swimmers in sperm. The procedure takes just a few minutes if there are no complications, and there’s generally no serious trauma to the body. Here’s a look at some vasectomy care package ideas, and why these items are a great idea to include for the recovery period.

Vasectomy Care Package Ideas

1. Juice

Bring sugar. No, really.

It’s completely normal for a patient to feel depleted and drained after any type of surgery. Small and large surgeries can be traumatic for the body, and an anesthetic can pull out some of the most essential minerals in our system.

Fruit juice is a quick way to settle temporary nausea caused by local anesthetic. Fruit juice also helps replace depleted minerals associated with surgical recovery.

Juice can also stop a patient from developing muscle cramps, which are common while anesthetic makes its way out of the system.

Always remember that an anesthetic can (and usually does) leave a patient feeling confused, irritable, and/or grumpy. Most people don’t make much sense, at least for the first few minutes to an hour or two.

2. Briefs

Once your vasectomy is over, you don’t feel that much thanks to the anesthetic still present in your system. However, the moment this wears off, the first thing you might experience is gravity. Your now-vulnerable testicles will feel the pull of it.

Wear briefs.

Briefs keep the testicles close to the body, which, trust us, is something you’ll prefer immediately following a vasectomy procedure.

Proper briefs post-surgery can help you to heal faster. Having the testicles closer to the body stops any tissue in the most vulnerable places from hurting (or accidentally being bumped).

Although doctors recommend briefs after vasectomy surgery, nurses say it’s the most common item that people forget to pack.

3. Ice Packs

Ice it.

It’s completely normal for testicles to be swollen and hurt immediately after a vasectomy. Most patients will experience pain after the operation. In some cases, patients will experience a large amount of bruising around the area for a few days.

Does a vasectomy hurt?

Well, yes, it’s testicular surgery. What do you think it’s going to feel like?

If you want to reduce at least some of the pain and swelling associated with the body after a vasectomy, it’s a good idea to throw a few ice packs into any care package. They will be much appreciated!

Sure, you could grab a pack of frozen peas, but there’s just something really wrong with that. Ice packs hold their cold for longer, and well, there’s no need to clutch bags of food to your aching crotch.

Remember to sanitize ice packs properly before they go back into the freezer.

4. Sanitary Pads

The average vasectomy is not without residual bleeding from the surgical site for at least the first few days after the surgery.

It’s not fun, and it’s the one part of the vasectomy aftercare procedure that many doctors don’t even think to mention to their patients. Since it happens with most surgeries, doctors sometimes assume patients will know already. If you didn’t, you read it here first!

Include sanitary pads in any vasectomy care package. Sanitary pads can easily stick to briefs, and absorb any potential bleeding that happens while you move around or sleep.

Don’t accidentally attach the glued side of a sanitary pad to sensitive areas, or you’ll also experience what it’s like pulling it from the sensitive area.

5. Condoms

A vasectomy is meant to be used as a semi-permanent or permanent form of birth control. However, a vasectomy does not do anything to stop sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Doctors recommend that you refrain from sexual activities for the first few weeks after a vasectomy.

You should include condoms in a vasectomy care package for two reasons. First, condoms offer additional protection against STDs. Second, for the first few weeks after a vasectomy, the patient isn’t shooting blanks.

Active sperm can still remain in semen for a few weeks after surgery. This is why a secondary test is recommended to establish sperm count post-op.

6. Add Some Humor

There are countless puns to be made for anyone getting a vasectomy! Make use of the good humor with some extra treats to enjoy post-operation!

If you're a significant other or friend looking for care package ideas, start with these funny snack ideas:

  • Planters Peanuts
  • Hostess Ding Dongs
  • Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers
  • Themed Decorated Cookies or Cake from a local bakery

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