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Vasectomy Reversal Omaha, NE

There are more than 500,000 vasectomies performed in the United States every year. As many as 6% of men who have the procedure done will eventually seek out vasectomy reversal of the procedure. This is ten times more common in men who have a vasectomy performed under the age of thirty.

While the vasectomy procedure is a quick outpatient procedure, the vasectomy reversal surgery is not similar. Instead of 30-60 minutes, a reversal takes 3-5 hours and must be performed under general anesthesia.

Vasectomy Reversal Success Rate

A vasectomy reversal can be accomplished, but the longer the time frame after the initial vasectomy, the lower the chances of success. Vasectomy reversal success rates are 75% for patients 5 years or less removed from their vasectomy. That rate drops to approximately 40-50 % at 8 years, and to 30% or less after 10 or more years. It is important to discuss goals of fertility, and also find out the health and fertility of your significant other before deciding if the procedure is the correct choice for your situation.

Getting Pregnant After Vasectomy Reversal

Getting pregnant after a vasectomy reversal is possible. An average of 90 percent will gain regain sperm counts after three to six months with micro-surgical repair. In fact, an average of 73 percent will achieve pregnancy after a year. However, pregnancy rates after a successfully reversed vasectomy depend on how many years have passed since the vasectomy.

What other techniques are there for pregnancy after vasectomy?

Vasectomy reversal may be the best option if you are trying to have children after a vasectomy.  However, there are other options including sperm aspiration or sperm retrieval techniques. These involve minimally invasive or open surgery to obtain live sperm from the testicles. The sperm are then used in different fertilization methods to achieve pregnancy including, In Vitro fertilization (IVF), and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).

How much does a vasectomy reversal cost?

Vasectomy reversal requires a general anesthetic and significant operating room time. The procedure is not covered by most insurance companies, and many patients are faced with out-of-pocket costs.  If you are considering this procedure, our staff is able to give an estimated cost to you before you make your decision final. 

How long is the recovery after a vasectomy reversal?

While the vasectomy reversal procedure is quite involved, the recovery is very manageable.  Most men describe their pain level to be similar to their original vasectomy. Men are expected to avoid exercise, heavy lifting, and ejaculate for 1 week.  Then, semen analyses are periodically checked every 1-3 months after surgery to identify live sperm.


Vasectomies are an increasingly popular form of birth control for men, and the days when you had to be married with kids to have a vasectomy are long gone.

Today, a vasectomy is an option for many people of varying ages and from varying backgrounds just because it offers a more permanent and less stressful solution to conventional forms of birth control. Click here for more information.


The cost of a vasectomy depends on each individual.  Every person’s insurance plan has different coverage.  Depending on the deductible, and the cost throughout the year, your vasectomy may not cost you any money out of pocket.  Before you have this form of birth control procedure scheduled, our billing department will be able to tell you the true cost.


There are minimal risks with the procedure which your doctor will explain in an appointment before the vasectomy reversal procedure.

  • 1-2% risk of hematoma or swelling around the testicles.
  • 1-2% risk of superficial infection.
  • 1-2% risk of a syndrome called chronic scrotal pain which is treatable.
  • 0.0005% chance of recanalization of the vas deferens after the procedure.

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Why Adult Pediatric Urology?

Adult Pediatric Urology, PC has 7 board-certified physicians and attentive, dedicated staff members. We have served Nebraska and Iowa since 1982 with two locations in Omaha and Council Bluffs.

Our Omaha urology & urogynecology clinic includes an accredited outpatient surgical center with state-of-the-art equipment and a comfortable waiting area just minutes from Interstate 680.

Adult & Pediatric Urology physicians successfully perform hundreds of traditional and no-scalpel vasectomies every year. Our Omaha Urologists also perform vasectomy reversal Omaha, NE.

What to Expect

When you call to set up an appointment we will schedule a brief consultation with one of our expert urologists. After the consult, our billing department will help you determine what (if any) out-of-pocket costs you can expect. Then we will schedule your procedure in our outpatient surgery center depending on your preference.

Vasectomies and consultations cannot be performed on the same day. PROCEDURES WILL BE SCHEDULED IN OUR OUTPATIENT SETTING.

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