Zero Prostate Cancer Run Walk Omaha 2022

The Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk Omaha 2022 is one of the largest charity events to benefit prostate cancer research and treatment in the world.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer that affects males. Statistics show that as many as two in every three men will be affected by prostate cancer in their lifetime, or will know someone who is/was. Cancer and inflammation of the prostate have nothing to do with age. While the condition can affect both teenage and adult males, individual risk can have a lot to do with family history and other factors.

Zero Prostate Cancer Run Walk Omaha 2022

If you are reading this and are a male, you are at risk of developing prostate cancer. If anyone in your family has battled prostate cancer, then you are at an even greater risk of developing symptoms yourself - and so are any males in your family.


The Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk is a national charity event that takes place every year.

While the Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk event is about fundraising, that’s not all. The event is also about raising awareness and promoting research to diagnose and prevent prostate cancer.

Most people at risk of prostate cancer don’t know that they are. The majority of people can’t list the symptoms or still think of prostate cancer as a disease that only affects elderly men. While prostate cancer has clear symptoms, a lack of international awareness about prostate cancer means that people oftentimes miss an early diagnosis.

The Zero Prostate Cancer Walk/Run aims to benefit those who are diagnosed but also aims to help those who just want to know more about prostate cancer and do something good for charity. Whether you have been affected by the condition in your lifetime or not, anyone can get involved.

What’s It About?

The Zero Prostate Cancer Walk/Run is all about prostate cancer, and what can be done to eradicate the disease.

If you want to see an end to the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer in this lifetime and would like to contribute, this is one of the best events of the year to attend.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone can participate in the Zero Prostate Cancer Walk/Run.

If you are heart-healthy and able to make the average walk around the block at home, there is no need to prepare. You are all ready to go for the Zero Prostate Cancer Walk/Run!

The event isn’t just for athletes or marathon runners. The Zero Prostate Cancer Walk/Run is meant to benefit prostate cancer research and awareness, which means that anyone and everyone can attend.

If you are not able to attend the event but still want to make a difference in prostate cancer research, direct donation options are available to show your support.

Prostate Cancer: Signs & Symptoms

Prostate cancer has signs and symptoms that can make early diagnosis and immediate treatment easier.

The prostate is one of many glands in the body. Swelling or discomfort is one of the first bad signs that a man should look for. Pain, pressure, and/or discomfort can indicate issues with the prostate (or subsequent infections). If you experience any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment with a local urologist.

Prostate cancer might also lead to the presence of blood in bodily excretions, though this is not always the case.

Increased or decreased urination frequency can also indicate underlying problems with the prostate.

Sometimes, this is not the case. Many people diagnosed with prostate cancer never show any extreme symptoms at all. We recommend scheduling appointments every three to six months at a urology clinic to assess your risk factor.

Learn more: Signals of Prostate Cancer and Advanced Treatment

Let’s Walk

Have you been affected by prostate cancer, or know someone who has/is?

Do you want to make a difference in prostate cancer research and awareness?

Let’s walk (and run) for the Zero Prostate Cancer Walk/Run Omaha 2022 on Saturday, Aug 6 at Zorinsky Lake Park!

Are you in? Visit to register or donate today!


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